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Since 2014 we have developed an unparalleled training protocol. Our results driven programming, combined with client education, is what makes Team Fitness the best training platform available.

Sales & Marketing:

By integrating the proper marketing/sales tools into your brand's current model, we customize our proven framework, to increase your recurring revenue stream.


Team Fitness provides all of the tools necessary to make our product coachable, simple, and effective for your existing staff.

  • Access to online staff training videos 
  • Quarterly launches
  • Movement and sales seminars
  • Quarterly programming 

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote healthier lifestyles through TEAM based training programs — designed to educate, inspire, and exceed personal and group fitness goals. 




The best trainers you will find anywhere. Everything is customized to your needs - transforms your body and makes you a better athlete.
— Caroline Dimitri, Team Fitness Member
Andrew and his team want every athlete and mother alike to succeed and transform their bodies. Great space for the everyday person as well as the athlete who wants to take their game to the next level!

— Gary DelVecchio, Team Fitness Member